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DSL Order Status


  • 5/15/2000

  • DSL order first attempt: Telocity says they do not provide service for my number. Later in the day I placed an order for Onvoy via Covad. I am optomistic, let's see how long this takes ;)
  • 5/17/2000

  • Onvoy had not called me yet, so I called them. After reaching their "Account Consultants" they informed me that my account was not yet on record, and to wait a few more days. 

    A coworker who lives in the same CO service area told me an interesting story: Apparently our PacBell CO was maxed-out for leased-lines, and that they would not sell any more to Covad or other alternative transport providers. However, they would be able to provide DSL access through their own service... Non-competative buisiness practices, strong-arming customers, this sounds familair ;) 

  • 5/22/2000

  • I finally recieved an order confirmation number from Onvoy this morning. It has been one week since the order was originally sent via Covad. The message claims that service should be installed in ~45 days (approximately 7/6). I will call later this week to check into line availability with Covad at my CO. 
  • 5/26/2000

  • I called onvoy to get a status update, and passed on the story about line availability to the customer service rep. She couldn't tell me anything other than what was on her screen. A call placed to Covad was equally unfruitful. I did get one piece of useful information: PacBell technician is scheduled to come and test the line on 6/7. I will check-in with Onvoy after that to see if any more information has propagated...
  • 6/12/2000

  • Onvoy tells me that the PacBell line test went off without a hitch. I wasn't home at the time, so who knows. A call to Onvoy this morning revealed that Covad is scheduled to come out tomorrow morning to install the equipment. (Good thing I called ;) If everything happens as it is planned to, this whole process will have taken exactly 30 days, a whole 15 days less than I was originally told!
  • 6/13/2000

  • Covad came, they saw, they installed the line. In fact, they were 15 minutes early! It worked fine for the 30 minutes I played with it before leaving to work. However, it stopped working soon afterwards. When I got home from work I tested the line, and it was dead, no physical connection. I called Onvoy's tech support (I was on hold for an hour before getting automatically kicked-into voicemail!) generated a Covad trouble ticket, but no resolution timeline or other info.
  • 6/14/2000

  • Covad thinks the problem was caused by PacBell at their CO, and a trouble ticket has been issued to them. No resolution timeline.
  • 6/15/2000

  • PacBell hasn't done anything, no projected resolution. I hope they get it up before I get back from my drive trip in Curacao...
  • 6/25/2000

  • I am back from vacation and the line is up! Onvoy's records show the line was reactivated on 6/20, but I have no way to confirm this. If it is true, it has taken 38 days for this whole process; still seven days less than projected.