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  • Designed parallel port I2C interface for communcating with sensor network 1/3/2004.
  • Motherboard tested good 1/19/98
  • Hard drives tested good 1/20/98
  • WinSound card apparently incompatable with Linux 2.30 kernel, as no exisiting driver can locate the card. 1/28/98
  • Installation of SBPro2 successful 1/29/98
  • Motherboard/HD power consumption measured: +12V@1.2A, +5V@5.6A +5V(HD)@440mA(spec), +5V(7100 card)@325mA(spec) 2/21/98
  • 8255 card installed and tested 8/12/98
  • DC-DC/ISR installed 3/20/99
  • No-load DC-DC system test successful 6/15/99
  • Loaded DC-DC system test high-current +5 supply ok, multi-voltage supply failed 6/16/99. Multi-voltage supply to be replaced with Tri-M HE104.
  • Replacement Multi-voltage supply test successful!!! 7/23/99
  • Locomotion system test successful!!! 7/23/99
  • STH-V2 test on 12/15/1999 yeilded defective right CMOS camera. Sent back to Videre for repair. 12/23/1999
  • STH-V2 returned from repair on 2/2000 after much back-and-forth with Videre.
  • With the current framegrabber driver using SVM for a short period of time causes teh CPU to lock-up. My current theory is that one of the framegrabber cards is overlapping some of the video memory with the other capture card, or the VGA adaptor in an inappropriate way.
  • I am designing a modular BS2-based sensor array to offload the work of aquiring sensor data from the main CPU. A test circuit has been built, and tested 4/22/2000. All of the boards will be daisy-chained with RS-485, or I2C (ala RWI). The main CPU will either have a background sensor aqusisition daemon to capture the continuous sensor datastream, or use the 'shared memory" approach to aquire sensor data ony when the host CPU needs it.

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