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BeeSoft User's Guide and Reference

6.3 Running wander in the Simulator Environment

For an enlightening demonstration of the BeeSoft Simulator’s capabilities, you can run the BeeSoft-supplied demonstration program wander using the Simulator instead of an actual robot. Or, you can run a demonstration program of your own. First, start up the Simulator:

 baseServer -simulator 

If your demonstration program requires the colliServer obstacle avoidance routines, start up colliServer right after baseServer

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are running wander, do not start up colliServer.

When the Simulator has started up, open another xterm window, go to the directory that contains your demonstration program, and run it. To run wander, type:

 cd ~
 cp -r ~bee/src/beeExamples .
 cd ~/beeExamples

The program wander accepts the following optional arguments on its command line:

-safetyMargin=X : Try to go no closer than X cm to the closest obstacle
-exploreRange=X : Wander no further than X cm from the start point.
-transSpeed=X : Go no faster than X cm per second.
-transAccel=X : Accelerate and decelerate at X cm per second squared.
-rotSpeed=X : Rotate no faster than X degrees per second. (wander will convert the degrees per second to radians per second.)
-rotAccel=X : Accelerate and decelerate the rotate axis at X degrees per second squared.

To terminate the wander program, just type <CTRL-C>.

After you’re all through working with the BeeSoft Simulator, be sure to shut down the servers by typing

 killall tcxServer

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