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BeeSoft User's Guide and Reference

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In This Chapter...
You’ll learn how to use the BeeSoft Commander to teleoperate your robot. Observe and direct your robot’s sensory systems, its motion controls, its camera and its pan/tilt head, its manipulator -- its "arm" -- all via a user-friendly graphical interface that even shows you an image of exactly what your robot is seeing through its "eyes" -- its cameras.
Set a target point and direct your robot to proceed to it. Then, set your robot free to explore and map its surroundings autonomously, or to navigate, with ever-increasing confidence, towards a goal point you’ve selected. Watch as your robot gradually learns about its surroundings and constructs an occupancy map, recording the locations of free space and of territory occupied by walls or other obstacles.

RWI’s BeeSoft Commander graphical user interface gives you complete control over a broad, flexible repertoire of robotic behaviors.

The BeeSoft Commanderis a fully-supported utility package, supplied as part of BeeSoft™ to assist you in your robotic research and development activities.

To run the BeeSoft Commander, you need a working knowledge of the X-Window System, and you need to have the X-Window System up and running on your workstation. RWI, Inc., does not recommend, and will not support, running X-Windows on your robot’s internal computers.

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