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BeeSoft User's Guide and Reference

Previous Item Chapter 17: Support from Real World Interface, Inc.

If you encounter a problem in using BeeSoft that you can’t solve, or have a question that is not answered in the documentation, RWI, Inc., can help. In order to help users in the most timely and efficient manner possible, RWI, Inc. asks that you...

Wherever possible, please use email rather than the telephone to describe your problem or ask your questions. Send email to This helps us direct your question to the person best able to assist you.
Thoroughly document the problem you are encountering or the question you have.
Describe your hardware and software setup as completely as you can, insofar as it relates to the problem you’re experiencing. Have you made any non-standard modifications? The more we know about your setup, the quicker we can help get you back to work. Please read the documentation before contacting RWI. Many of your questions will be answered there. But if they aren’t, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The BeeSoft™ User’s Guide and Software Reference is available online in the following formats. Go to and follow the "software" links.

1. postscript for downloading to your own printer.
2. Adobe Systems portable document format (pdf)
(Go to to download a free pdf reader)

If the documentation doesn’t answer your questions, if you find errors or if you’d like to share your comments, criticisms and suggestions, please send email to:

In addition to official support provided by RWI, Inc., technicians and other personnel, there is a mailing list for users of RWI, Inc.’s, B14 and B21 robots. Although not maintained or officially monitored by RWI, Inc, it is a rich resource for all users of RWI robots. Participants range from novice to very experienced roboticists It is called


Finally, be sure to check out Real World Interface, Inc.’s web page at:



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