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BeeSoft User's Guide and Reference

3.12 Profiling With the BeeSoft Scheduler

Use the BeeSoft Scheduler’s built-in profiling functions to keep tabs on the total amount of time spent on execution of each callback, the number of times each callback is executed, and the amount of time the Scheduler spends watching file descriptors for select callbacks. Specify an interval when you’ll want to look at this information (on standard output) and reset thecounters.

void profileOn ( );

If debugging library is in use, turns output of profiling information ON. Otherwise, prints a warning.

void profileOff ( ); - Turns OFF profiling.

In This Chapter You’ve Learned.....
....that a BeeSoft™ robot program consists of a group of modules, one or more written by you, the user; and one or more supplied from within BeeSoft itself. Each module includes functions and scheduling data detailing how you want the BeeSoft Scheduler to schedule execution of those functions. You’ve discovered that the BeeSoft package provides an abstract, straightforward interface to the robot’s many resources, handling all the communication necessary to interact with resources controlled from any of the computers in your robot system.

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