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- A -



API: infrared sensors

API: scheduler

API: sonar sensors

API: tactile sensors


- B -

B14: base control panel

B14: diagrammed

B14: powering up

B14: sensor locations, diagrammed

B14: side view diagram

B14: soft shutdown

B14: sonar numbering, diagrammed

B14: top view diagram

B21: base control panel

B21: diagrammed

B21: diagrammed

B21: diagrammed

B21: diagrammed

B21: powering up

B21: rear console view diagram

B21: sensor locations, diagrammed

B21: side view diagram

B21: soft shutdown

B21: sonar numbering, diagrammed

B21: toggle switch panel assignments diagram

B21: top view diagram

bandwidth constraints

base, getting data from: battery status

base, getting data from: mcpStatus.h status structure

base, getting data from: opcodes

base, getting data from: using callbacks

Base: callbacks, error

Base: callbacks, event completion

Base: getting data from

Base: halt function

Base: indexing commands

Base: limp function

Base: motion controllers

Base: motion controllers

Base: moving

Base: overview

Base: rotation

Base: rotation commands

Base: translation

Base: translation commands

Base: translation plus rotation commands

Base: watchdog timer

Base: wheel encoders




baseServer: coordinate system based on rotational units

baseServer: coordinates - diagram

baseServer: initializing

battery: checking

Battery: commands

battery: opcodes


BeeSoft: callbacks

BeeSoft: dependence on GNU

BeeSoft: development credits

BeeSoft: example applications, introduction

BeeSoft: file system

BeeSoft: for different operating systems

BeeSoft: for Linux

BeeSoft: for Sun/OS

BeeSoft: for Sun/Solaris

BeeSoft: installation

BeeSoft: mailing list

BeeSoft: overview

BeeSoft: parameters

BeeSoft: scheduler

BeeSoft: support

BeeSoft: support

BeeSoft: utilities, introduction


bRobot: obsoleted by beeSoft.ini

bRobot: replacement with oldRobot.h



- C -

calibration: file

calibration: of infrared sensors

calibration: utility, how to run

callbacks: combining of

callbacks: error report

callbacks: event completion

callbacks: module-specific

callbacks: polled

callbacks: select

callbacks: shutdown

callbacks: status report from base

callbacks: timeout

client function

client-server architecture

client-server architecture: diagrammed

clipping maps




colliServer, commands, initialization: colliConnect

colliServer, commands, initialization: colliRegister

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliApproachAbsolute

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliApproachRelative

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliSetAcceleration

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliSetMode

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliSetVelocity

colliServer, commands, robot control: colliStopRobot

colliServer, travel modes: default mode

colliServer, travel modes: fast travel mode

colliServer: approach distance

colliServer: commands

colliServer: noindex

colliServer: parameter structure

colliServer: sample program

colliServer: security distance

collision avoidance

commands, baseServer, battery: batteryVoltage

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: registerBaseCallback

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: registerStatusCallback

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: rotateCurrent

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: statusReportPeriod

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: translateCurrent

commands, baseServer, data acquisition: translateCurrent

commands, baseServer, indexing: findRotIndex

commands, baseServer, initialization: findBaseServer

commands, baseServer, initialization: registerBaseClient

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateHalt

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateLimp

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotatePowerNeg

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotatePowerPos

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateRelativeNeg

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateRelativePos

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateTorqueNeg

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateTorquePos

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateVelocityNeg

commands, baseServer, rotation: rotateVelocityPos

commands, baseServer, rotation: setRotateAcceleration

commands, baseServer, rotation: setRotateTorque

commands, baseServer, rotation: setRotateVelocity

commands, baseServer, translation plus rotation: baseKill

commands, baseServer, translation plus rotation: loadHeading

commands, baseServer, translation plus rotation: loadPosition

commands, baseServer, translation: setTranslateAcceleration

commands, baseServer, translation: setTranslateTorque

commands, baseServer, translation: setTranslateVelocity

commands, baseServer, translation: translateHalt

commands, baseServer, translation: translateLimp

commands, baseServer, translation: translatePowerNeg

commands, baseServer, translation: translatePowerPos

commands, baseServer, translation: translateRelativeNeg

commands, baseServer, translation: translateRelativePos

commands, baseServer, translation: translateTorqueNeg

commands, baseServer, translation: translateTorquePos

commands, baseServer, translation: translateVelocityNeg

commands, baseServer, translation: translateVelocityPos

commands, baseServer, watchdog timer: assumeWatchdog

commands, baseServer, watchdog timer: registerWatchdogCallback

commands, baseServer, watchdog timer: watchDogTimer

commands, infrared sensors: irInit

commands, infrared sensors: irStart

commands, infrared sensors: irStop

commands, infrared sensors: registerIrCallback

commands, odometry: bGetRotVel

commands, odometry: bGetTransVel

commands, odometry: bIrAngle

commands, odometry: bNormalizeAngle

commands, odometry: bRegisterOdometryLock

commands, odometry: bRequestOdometryLock

commands, odometry: bRequestOdometryLock

commands, odometry: bRobotAngle

commands, odometry: bRobotHeading

commands, odometry: bRobotX

commands, odometry: bRobotY

commands, odometry: bSetPosition

commands, odometry: bSetVel

commands, odometry: bSonarAngle

commands, odometry: bTactileAngle

commands, odometry: bUpdatePosition

commands, odometry: bWorldAngle

commands, pantiltServer: ptConnect

commands, pantiltServer: ptMoveBy

commands, pantiltServer: ptMoveTo

commands, pantiltServer: ptRegister

commands, pantiltServer: ptSetAccel

commands, pantiltServer: ptSetVel

commands, pantiltServer: ptStopTracking

commands, pantiltServer: ptTrackPoint

commands, parameter file: bDaemonize

commands, parameter file: bFindDirM

commands, parameter file: bFindFileM

commands, parameter file: bParameterFillParams

commands, parameter file: bParametersAddArray

commands, parameter file: bParametersAddEntry

commands, parameter file: bParametersAddEnv

commands, parameter file: bParametersAddFile

commands, parameter file: bParametersFreeList

commands, parameter file: bParametersGetParam

commands, parameter string handling: bGetArrayElementM

commands, parameter string handling: bStrToBaud

commands, parameter string handling: bStrToTruth

commands, Scheduler : addPolling

commands, Scheduler : addSelect

commands, Scheduler : addTimeout

commands, Scheduler : catchInterrupts

commands, Scheduler : disablePolling

commands, Scheduler : disableSelect

commands, Scheduler : disableTimeout

commands, Scheduler : enablePolling

commands, Scheduler : enableSelect

commands, Scheduler : enableTimeout

commands, Scheduler : raiInit

commands, Scheduler : raiModule

commands, Scheduler : raiShutdown

commands, Scheduler : raiStart

commands, Scheduler : resetTimeout

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: add_time

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: addInterval

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: msecsToUsecs

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: null_time

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: print_time

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: printTimeAsMsecs

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: reset_time

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: subtract_time

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: time_greater

commands, Scheduler time structure macros: timevalToMsecs

commands, Scheduler utilities: getRaiTime

commands, Scheduler utilities: setErrorStream

commands, Scheduler utilities: setRaiTime

commands, Scheduler, debugging: setPollingErrorLimit

commands, Scheduler, debugging: setPollLimit

commands, Scheduler, debugging: setSelectTimeLimit

commands, Scheduler, debugging: setTimeLimit

commands, Scheduler, debugging: setTimeoutLimit

commands, Scheduler, debugging: timeCheckOff

commands, Scheduler, debugging: timeCheckOn

commands, Scheduler, debugging: trace

commands, Scheduler, debugging: untrace

commands, Scheduler, debugging: verboseOff

commands, Scheduler, debugging: verboseOn

commands, Scheduler, profiling: profileOff

commands, Scheduler, profiling: profileOn

commands, sonar API: registerSonarCallback

commands, sonar API: sonarInit

commands, sonar API: sonarStart

commands, sonar API: sonarStop

commands, speechServer: findSpeechServer

commands, speechServer: registerSpeechClient

commands, speechServer: sendSpeech

commands, speechServer: sendSpeechClear

commands, speechServer: setSpeechBuffer

commands, speechServer: setSpeechFrequency

commands, speechServer: setSpeechSpeed

commands, speechServer: setSpeechUseIntonation

commands, speechServer: silenceSpeechServer

commands, tactile sensors: registerTactileCallback

commands, tactile sensors: TactileInit

commands, tactile sensors: TactileStart

commands, tactile sensors: TactileStop

computer name

copyright information

- D -

data structures: bRobotParams

data structures: irType

data structures: mcpStatus.h

data structures: sonarType

data structures: sonarType

data structures: tactileType

dead reckoning

dead reckoning: errors in

Development Credits

Development Credits

diagram: B14 - side view

diagram: B21, rear console view

diagram: B21, rear console view

diagram: B21, side view

diagram: B21, top view

diagram: bandwidth constraints without ROUTER

diagram: coordinate system based on radians - odometry

diagram: coordinate system under baseServer

diagram: dead-reckoning operational range, odometry

diagram: robot-relative angles, odometry

diagram: RS-232 Cable Configuration

diagram: sensor locations, B14

diagram: sensor locations, B21

diagram: sonar numbering

diagram: sonar sensors - ranging error example

diagram: sonar sensors, echo error example

diagram: Toggle Switch Panel Assignments on the B21 Robot

diagram: Toggle Switch Panel Assignments on the B21 Robot

diagram: Using ROUTER to overcome bandwidth constraints

- E -

example applications, introduction in QuickStart

- F -

file system

- G -

global navigation

guarded motion

- H -

halt functions

- I -

Infrared Sensors: affected by colors of surfaces

Infrared Sensors: API

Infrared Sensors: data structures

Infrared Sensors: function calls

Infrared Sensors: overview

Infrared Sensors: range

Infrared Sensors: test

- J -



joystick: modified for robot control only

- L -


liability: limits of contributing developers'

liability: limits of RWI, Inc.'s


limp functions

Linux: recommended reading

Linux: using BeeSoft under

lock request priority

locked a.bus

Logging On: B21 with Console Computer

Logging On: RS-232 Radio Link

Logging On: Serial Port / Cable

- M -

map files: saving and reading in Simulator

map files: saving and reading in Simulator



mspterm: infrared sensors

mspterm: sonar sensors

mspterm: tactile sensors

- N -

non-guarded motion

- O -

occupancy maps

Odometry : commands

Odometry : coordinates

Odometry : coordinates - diagram

Odometry : dead reckoning

Odometry : lock request priority

Odometry : locking

Odometry : sources of errors

Odometry : wheel encoders

odometry commands, new

odometry commands: to replace old motion commands

odometry locking



- P -



pantiltServer: panning and tilting commands

pantiltServer: sample program

pantiltServer: starting up

pantiltServer: velocity and acceleration commands

parameter structure bRobotParams

Parameter structure: commands

passwords: for logging on

passwords: for logging on

passwords: for logging on

passwords: root

programming: callbacks

programming: compiling / linking

programming: design of programs

programming: overview

programming: scheduler

programming: scheduler

programming: simple.c - sample program

programming: special considerations

programming: your first program

- R -

RHINO project

robot.h: obsoleted by beeSoft.ini

robot.h: replacement with oldRobot.h

robot: control, recommendations

robot: restarting after emergency shutdown

robot: safe operation of

robot: safe operation of

robot: safe operation of

robot: safe operation of

robot: upper limits on hardware

root password

root password

root password: precautions for using


rotation commands

rotation commands: based on radians

rotation commands: based on rotational units

rotational acceleration, upper limit

rotational speed, upper limit

- S -

safety precautions

safety precautions

safety precautions

safety precautions

safety precautions

safety precautions: kill switch, location on B14

safety precautions: kill switch, location on B21

sample programs: colliTest.c

sample programs: panTest.c

sample programs: simple.c

sample programs: wander, discussion of


scheduler: API

scheduler: debugging with

scheduler: profiling with


Sensors: angles - diagram

sensors: infrared

sensors: infrared

Sensors: locating on B14 robot

Sensors: locating on B14 robot

Sensors: locating on B21 robot

sensors: sonar

sensors: sonar

Sensors: starting up

sensors: tactile

sensors: tactile


servers: starting up in QuickStart Guide

smart panels

soft shutdown button: B14

soft shutdown button: B21

Sonar Sensors: "ping"

Sonar Sensors: API

Sonar Sensors: beam pattern at 50 kHz

Sonar Sensors: cone of reflection (CR)

Sonar Sensors: cones

Sonar Sensors: data structures

Sonar Sensors: echo errors, diagrammed

Sonar Sensors: false readings

Sonar Sensors: false readings

Sonar Sensors: function calls

Sonar Sensors: how surfaces affect sonar performance

Sonar Sensors: numbering diagram

Sonar Sensors: numbering diagram

Sonar Sensors: overview

Sonar Sensors: ranging errors, diagrammed

Sonar Sensors: sonarType data structure

Sonar Sensors: specular reflection

Sonar Sensors: test

Sonar Sensors: use by bats

Sonar Sensors: use by submarines

Sonar Sensors: using multiple readings to build occupancy grid

Sonar Sensors: what SONAR stands for



speechServer: commands

speechServer: function calls

Sun/OS: using BeeSoft under

Sun/Solaris: using BeeSoft under

- T -

Tactile Sensors: API

Tactile Sensors: as "sensors of last resort"

Tactile Sensors: data structures

Tactile Sensors: function calls

Tactile Sensors: overview

Tactile Sensors: relative to "smart panels"

Tactile Sensors: test


teleoperation: with joystick

test environment configuration

test environment configuration


translation acceleration, upper limit

translation speed, upper limit

translation: positive vs. negative

- U -

UNIX: basic concepts explained

UNIX: build command (make)

UNIX: C compiler (gcc)

UNIX: change directory command (cd)

UNIX: copying and moving commands (cp, mv)

UNIX: create and delete directories commands (mkdir, rmdir)

UNIX: file ownership and permissions

UNIX: file viewing commands (cat, more, less)

UNIX: home directory

UNIX: logging in

UNIX: man pages / apropos

UNIX: overview

UNIX: recommended reading

UNIX: redirection of stdin, stdout, stderr

UNIX: root and superuser

UNIX: search command (grep)

UNIX: shells

UNIX: user

upper limits - robot hardware

upper limits - robot hardware: rotation acceleration

upper limits - robot hardware: rotation speed

upper limits - robot hardware: translation acceleration

utilities, introduction in QuickStart

- W -

wander : command line arguments

wander : command line arguments

wander : looking more closely at

wander : running the "wander" demo program

wander : running the "wander" demo program

watchdog timer

Watchdog timer: commands

wheel encoders

wheel encoders

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