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BeeSoft User's Guide and Reference

4.1 Overview - The Robot Base

The B14 and B21 robots designed and manufactured by Real World Interface, Inc., are cylindrical, mobile robots equipped with wheeled bases that provides the robot with two motion axes: translation (movement parallel to the robot’s current heading) and rotation (movement not parallel to the current heading; in the absence of translation movement, rotation causes the robot to simply spin in place about its axis). RWI, Inc.’s, robots are also equipped with sophisticated motion controllers that govern a variety of robotic motion modes, control dead reckoning and manage status reporting.

For all BeeSoft calls, under both baseServer and colliServer, positive translation is the term used to describe forward motion. Negative translation is rearward motion.

For BeeSoft calls starting with the letter b, (calls listed in the Odometry section), positive rotation is counterclockwise; negative rotation is clockwise in order to be compatible with standard trigonometric functions.
For all other commands to the robot base (calls listed under Base Rotation Commands, Base Translation Commands and Translation-Plus-Rotation Commands), positive rotation is clockwise and negative rotation is counterclockwise.

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